Phuket Lighting Rental

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Rent Sound Phuket also offer the most price worthy Phuket lighting rental packages with wide range of lighting equipment for various types of events. As powerful as sound is for making an impression and set mood just as powerful is lighting. For just wedding a party the difference with lighting is striking. Great lighting sets the party mood and lifts the party to a complete other level. Even for dinner the lighting is a powerful tool to set the mood and create a beautiful atmosphere.

We do lighting for many smaller parties as weddings as well as events.

We have several fantastic setups, with colourful lights, moving heads and other options depending on your needs. We are always with you during the event to control the lighting with advanced technology and if needed we can also pre program lighting to suit your needs for an even more unique visual experience.

Please email us and we will suggest a suitable package for your events. All packages include software lighting controller and Mac computer for free!


Phuket lighting

  • Small Moving Head
  • Big Moving Head
  • Wash Light
  • Spot Light
  • Beam Light
  • Laser
  • Smoke Machine
  • FX Light
  • Light Controller

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